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For Consumer Decency

Alice Donut

I killed a woman in the 10 items or less lane.
She was so rude.
Get your hands off of my food.

Get your hands off of my tang.
Get your hands off of my astronaut tang.
Oh, bastard!
You'll die for consumer decency.

I beat 'em to death with a boneless chicken.
I didn't wanna do it.
But he made me..
He made me do it.
Mr. whipple squeezed him a little.
Mr. whipple squeezed him a little.
I saw his sacrifice.
It was pentacostal.

Convenience stores offer more.
Convenience stores offer...

I felt something
I felt something,
I feel something,...

Everytime you bag my things.
It's wonderful.
Everytime you ring it up.
It's beautiful.
Everytime, everytime,
Everytime, i'm waiting in line
Everytime, everytime,
Everytime, you check my produce.

Everytime you bag or double bag my things.
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