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Devil And Water

Artifex Pereo

Forget forgetfulness. you've made your way into my heart.
Like a pulse running through my veins,
I should never forget such vital things.
Loathing you proved to be inadequate,
So i will love you in my sleep and this will be less of a burden on me.
Breath colors and feel alive, you mendacious little girl.
You've crept onto the dance floor of a dangerous mind
And your pirouetting poison as fresh as the air it destroys;
A familiar decoy, but i feel this is the only way to keep you.
Is this the only way? with a pillow in hell to rest my head.
I am omitting the filial love i had for the original vision of you.
I'll watch you grow into a woman
And i will love you in my sleep so this will be less of a burden on me.
Twisted hearts, like strings split and tangled, leave thirst for serenity,
Leading me to the only solution: to kill the regimen.
I will submerge my thoughts under water.
I'll show you a mind is less buoyant than a heart.
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