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Artifex Pereo

Bones are begging to announce, what the flesh already knows
Life is a lesson in impermanence, a moment's born to decompose
We are granted but an instant here, providing more than ample time
The map is seldom read without a key, with fortune lost or left behind
Grace is stolen from black and white
Shade gives way in its own good time
Grey speaks volumes to color blind
Place is space between the cracks where we collide
Our eyes brush the world with paint that shows us home
The deserts, they crack and dry neglected mirages while the faults reflect
Sand sings sweetly when you're listening
Mountains give way, if our touch simply rejects
Gaze into the darkness, strip away the layers of vibrant explosions born of truths we gave them
Gaze into the darkness, forget the motions you've been taught, no solid ground to lay your head is given
Tides hue the stone with a patient hand, mimicking form from a perfect plan
Ash turns to dust with the constant wind
That which is made and unmade again
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