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Artifex Pereo

Time sets purpose forth to document decay
Dripping with the warmth of breath gives sweet embrace
Take an accident, hold it in your hands, send it toward the clouds and watch it blow away
Stillness is proof of flow unending
Given thought, the clock will go unquestioned
So take your time until time takes you
Only measured with a pulse that ticks through veins
You'll find in time, that time holds no straight lines
We find our time, in time we touch divine
The end lets the parts coalesce
Beginning keeps the pace of progress
Find me at the bottom, we will meet and know it's one
We greet the vast demise to let the whole survive
The rhythm of the rise gives neither pause nor pride
A moment lost inside, a feeling so divided
We aim to measure size between the world and eyes
Every reaction receives a counterpoint which gave causality
Lifetimes are spent in thoughts that can't be touched
Meeting ourselves within dreams, caught between madness and serenity
Even the blink of an eye catches sight, if we simply learn to see
With the softest breath of wings, a butterfly gives birth to hurricanes
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