Lingering Fart (A fart standing still)


Bekloppto Beknakkto, Seven Infernal Hellfirewinds of Flautz
And there three Bald-headed Blasphemies of No Role-playing-Games
Have rarely thought to themselves: Kiffsel, Kaffsel, Kuffsel

yeah, what is it then?
Stinky-Cunt puked once in awhile
In a bucket of cats
And Satanic Sewing-Machines
The Evil Sausage sinking

When Childish Greasy Pizza
picks at their hair
Fussy struggle horn and having a flat chest
To cause irrevelant blows of mayhem

When foul-toothed Dirk stinks out of his mouth
Biting flesh in the Land of Vertical

Hellchrist Evil and Painfulness Kiss
master of the six silver strings of hell
as well was a little bit unimportant
Sturmbas, the great countess of Eva
wanted to stay in the bar in the little asshole
fuck, fucked

The devil has sons
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