Reflektionen Auf's Sterben


[Okay, this isn't really a song, except they put 2:04 of Wo Adlers Wagen]
[in the background (which sounds really fucking cool) while some talking goes]
[on, here's basically what's going on.]

[I wish they would have put the entire song of Wo Adlers Wagen on there,]
[but due to some controversial issues, the song never made it onto the Cd]
[(except this excerpt of course).]

[At the beginning there's two guys smoking a joint and talking, I'm not]
[100% sure of what they're talking about because they're speaking too quietly]
[and Landerfermann's on vocals in the background. So all of a sudden you hear]
[someone knocking on the door and eventually he breaks in. Now the two guys]
[turn out to be drug dealers because the guy who broke in is asking for some]
[dope for free. So one of the guys says Don't you have something? and then]
[the guy who broke in keeps saying Come on... Come ON, COME ON! begging for]
[it. And the dealer says No money, no drugs. And then they get into a big]
[arguement and the guy who broke in kept yelling GO AWAY! GO AWAY and then]
[he kicked them out.]
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