Baby, I Wanna Tell You Something

Bobby Brown

In one sense it's curiosity
The rest is just formality
I see that look in your eyes
And your clever combinations
Breaking young hearts
Must be your occupation
Checkin' my Swatch
She was right on time
She walked so hot hot hot
Too sweet, a visual freat
One look and I'd leave my feet
Won't apologize for the way I feel
She shook me up
With the rock and reel
I asked the girl
If she was ready to ride
Three seconds later
She was by my side

Baby, wanna tell you something
I'm the one you need
Baby, wanna tell you something
For you my heart bleeds

Baby, wanna tell you something
The way we feel is not a sin
Baby, wanna tell you something
Just let the love begin

What you've got
Is too hot to handle
For the ordinary guy
And try they must
But with you they bite the dust
It seems they like that certain style
The night, baby, at our favorite spot
She gave me a kiss
That I never forgot
I wasn't ready to turn in yet
But she said nothin' more
I would get
So I guess I have to overwhelm you
Pick a star in the sky
And I'll send you
Just grab my hand
And let it shake
And listen to my drum
While it starts to break
Break it down
Break it down
B.Brown. B.Brown
My name is B.Brown. B.Brown

Jump on it
Flash B. is my name
King of Stage is my fame
I'm entertainin' on the mike
Known to be liked
My hair is naturally curly
The waves are jet black
And girls call me by the dozen
Sayin',"Flash come back"
Women rush me on the street
Sometimes i can't control it
It's part of my dream
So you know I really love it
And party people
If you wanna party with Bobby
Cause I am all right

I'm the one you need
My heart bleeds


Baby, wanna tell you something
I said let the love begin
Let the love begin, baby
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