I Want You, I Need You

Bobby Brown

bbrown back
ayo stanley
do me a favor
drop it

i want you, i need you
i want you, i need you

(Verse 1)
ive been around the world
seen lots of pretty girls
but no one has seem to catch my eye
feelins and faces change
nothing remains the same
as long as your not by my side

baby when i first met you
i realize that i needed you in my life
and after all that we've been through
i hope you understand the way i feel for you


take me to the 2nd verse

(Verse 2)
now that i have you here
to you my love i give
and no one could ever take your place
cuz you make me feel so strong
with you i cant go wrong (yeah yeah yeah)



now let me take it, back to the streets!
drop it!

alright, grab a hold and don't let go
get ready, for the solid and steady slow flow
a physical lust,cuz its a must that i bring ya
love, squeeze me tight don't let me slip through your fingers
cuz a brother like the B-R-O-W-N
is in it to win it for a girl whos a perfect ten
so come into my life, a pretty lady
let me show that i need you
and im going too
treat you the right way because i want you


Chorus(w/adlibs) till fade
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