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Happy Days

Bobby Brown

Ayo this one is goin out to my man shaw
in other words silly yall
yeah we still husslin overtime baby
whoah whoah whoah

you know its been along time, mighty long time
but happy days are here again yall hah
listen up

verse 1
people say im the life of the party
because i live the way that i do
but they don't know what it's like to be bobby
the pressure has me so confuse
i live my life the way i want
cause god has given me that choice
but i had to find out the hard way
that nothing for nothing leaves nothing

but theres just one thing i gotta say...its a brand new day

happy days are here again

yeah c'mon

verse 2
now that things are so much better
i have found out life is worth so much more
and you can't take life for granted
cause you dont know what life has in store

but theres just one thing i gotta say...it's a brand new day


aiight yall c'mon
you are now listenin to the sounds of the mad mob and bobby brown yall
yeah c'mon
it feels good dont it
it feels good dont it
aiight yall c'mon
happy days


ayo do me a fever

{performed by Irvin Fomar(Bobby Brown)}
happy as it gets no shit i get lick
ohh look it here another bbrown platinum hit
you didnt think he was coming back
but yet, still keep comin back with the real
son keep the mic (?)
so ball with the brown
or get that ass outta town
(yeah kid yall know how we doin it for the 90's)
yo i forgot B remind me!
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