Why Do I Love You

Jennifer Brown

A closing door, a lonely street
Life turns a corner, like strangers we meet
Why do I love you? I only know I do..

So here we are with stories to tell
Both spending time with somebody else
Why do I love you? When love is on to you

I can see it in your eyes
Something words can't disguise
You don't know how it all slipped away

I know you, and you know me
And we both know how close we can be
Why do I love you?
When you tear my heart in two

Why do I still feel so much?
Why do I still miss your touch?
Why do I still want you to know that I care?
Why do I love you? When love is so unfair

When I feel you say in your sweet and smoking way
Some things that we had would never fade
I wish I could find some simple words to explain
That I'll always be here for you
'Cause I, I know that's something good and strong will remain
That I wanna hold onto

And who knows why
Seasons change
Life without your smile, is so strange
Why do I love you? I only know I do...

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