That Bad Eeh

Busy Signal

Me Ah Talk Bout Di Whole Ah Di Bad Tune Dem U Hear Dat Listen Kenley Youte At Least Some Ah Dem Run Ah Riddim.

Ding Ding Hay Ding Ding Ding Sound Ding Ding Hay Ding Ding Hay Bad Sound Busy Hay Lyricly Speackin U See It

You Hear Mi Tune Step Out Inna Mi Black Dat Bad Eeh
Assasin Bang Bang Bang Dat Bad Eeh
Kartel Number 1 Nnna Nnnaa Dat Bad Eeh
Akon And Young Jeezy Dat Bad
Dats Fine Wid Me Sizzla Bad
How Goverment Treat Jamaica Bad
Katrina Treat Louisiahna Bad
She Gives Me P--- Tank God
Busyyy Diamonds Are Forever Dat Kayne West Tune Sound Bad Eeh
And Da Video Bad
Junior Gong Bounty Killer Song Bad Eeh
Crossss Dat Slang Der Bad
Sean Pual We Be Burning Not Concerning Yo Dat Meloady Der Bad Eeh
We Drink Guniness By Di Case Memba Mi Tell Yuh Jagwa Tune Bad
Im Sitting Buy My Window Di Boy Hollow Point Tune Bad Eeh La Louis Bad Ehh Mi Nah No Him Song Dem But Him Graffiti And Him Sign Dem Bad Eeh
Trus Me I Meet A Girl Up Town She Wow Dat Bad
You Can Hate Me Now Dat Bad
You Member When Da Fuges Come Out Wid Di Song Oh Lala La Dat Bad
Gwan Do Yuh Ting Gyal Ice Inna Mi Video Dat Bad Eeh
Mr Peppa Hippocrites Ah Talk Mek Dem Talk Dat Bad Eeh
Jah Make Him Tonda Role Shane O Dat Likkle Skool Youte Der Him Bad Eeh
Movado Dem Dem Nuh Real Mccoy Yo Dat Song Der Bad Eeh
Its Ah Jiggy Time Again Voicemail Tune Bad Eeh
Elephant Pon Di River Pon Di Bank U Member How Dat 1 Did Bad Eeh
Gyal Tuck In Ur Belly Frm Yh No Yh Belly Nah Bang Left Side Esco Tune Bad Eeh
Marshall Make Dem Cum Member Dat 1 Der Bad Eeh
Di Gyal Dem Breath Streach Twita Voice Tune It Bad Eeh
Ah Mi Name Money God Everyone Waan Dollars And Pound Us Dat One Deh Bad
Capolton Gosh Wot Kinda Ting Dat Di Fire Man Tune Dem Bad Eeh
And All Who Have Ah Bad Song And Never Hear Dat Da 1 Here Turs Mi Onno Song Dem Bad....
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