People So Evil

Busy Signal

Trouble again I nuh know
Who feels it knows it duh ya
See some high grade some hennessy
When the weeds smell suh stink
And I tink what I tink when I use my
Instincts bad-mined people fe sink
Dem a try cutt we link push me over
The brink caugh dem evil,
People so evil

Dem smile when dem laugh while dem aim fe your heart
With them evil a start and dem launch
And witchcraft nuh trus da shadow in
A day much less afa dark caugh dem evil,
People so evil
You rise 2 the top and dem want see you flop
Dem a pray every day sih down and a chat
And a plot watch the food out ah yah plate
And a search fi your pot caugh dem evil,
People so evil

Put your self in my shoes you a look
A job fe a food fe do we long interviews
Prepare your bills and your doose watch
How your address and skin-colla
Dem no wah use caugh dem evil,
People so evil
Politics full of tricks beer lies an promise
See the poor stay poor an the rich get rich
Look from when we area waan fix dem tink
We fool an a treat we like shit caugh dem evil, people so evil

The systim a fight we we fighting the system
We don't like police and police dem nuh like
We babylon make de guns and turn us into victims dem evil,
People so evil
Dem build up dem jail dem nuh build no
School true dem waan we fi fail den dem
Tek wi fi fool dem a bawl bout crime rate
Wen a dem buill de tools caugh dem evil,
People so evil,

Dem load up clips inna tech shoot up virginia
Tech shot up de poor people inna dem face
Yet dem blame it pon di pills weh dem bwoy
A tek what kina trend dis some bwoy dem a set dem evil, dem evil
Deh bwoy arrange fi 70 grand fi clear it same
70 Grand is like u buy a nadda one people
Wi need a nadda plan di system wrong
It so wrong, it so wrong, so evil, so evil

Yuh bun a spliff hole a mince works so hard
Fi get yuh bread den di same fren yuh par wid
Him want yuh dead chew him know weh kina money
Yuh a wull him call ie pheds dem evil, so evil
Some fight one a nadda, some fight genst
Dem bradda ah bring a barrel suh yuh rise
An a pull u off a di ladda dem nuh want u
Sore to new hights like air jamaica evil, dem evil

Deh part yah fih di innocence youte dem inna
Di pen we naw si sunshine in a nassy road
Again duty judge an duty prosecuta mek yuh life
End dem evil, dem evil, so evil, so evil, so evil
So evil, so evil, so evil, so evil, so evil, so evil
So evil, so evil, so evil, so evil, so evil, so evil,
So evil, so evil, so evil, so evil, so evil
Bad mind, people
Trample dem fadda God
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