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November Rains

Harry Chapin

When november rains
It rides the cool wind
You need somebody holding you tight
When november rains
You need somebody caring
You want somebody sharing your night

When november rains
That's when it all falls down
There are clues
When november rains
And it's all around
And it seems that there's nothing left 'cept the dream
Of the first sweet warm morning light
November rains into your deep, dark night

When november rains
Midnight is calling
The old year is falling away
When november rains
It's like something is greiving
Or somebody's leaving this day


November rains,
Why don't you shine your warm sun on down
November rains,
Why don't you keep me warm as sundown
Why don't you rain your warm sun down,
Down on me
Don't leave me

When november rains
Something is needed
Somebody is sending an echo
When november rains
It's too late for praying,
It's like somebody's saying
Don't follow


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