Song Man

Harry Chapin

Leon wrote a song for his special girl
And elton and bernie did too!
But you've been mine for such a long time
It's my turn to write one for you
And this is the best
That this poor boy could do.
You see i don't know what to tell you babe
I can't say thanks a lot
For i know i really owe you
For almost everything i got.
You were with me in the good times
And when things were going bad
You were with me when your love
Was the only thing i had.
I have been a song man
For a long long time
Coming up with some melodies
Trying to find some words that rhyme.
And while i have been singing
You've been there to see me through
And so i think it's long past time
That i wrote this song for you.
I was going to keep it simple
And not make it too long
But i had hoped to make it beautiful
For after all it is your song.
You know how i love my music
It is my life and my livelihood
But of all that's happened to me babe
You are everything that's good.
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