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Harry Chapin

So here she's actin' happy inside her handsome home
And me, I'm flyin' in my taxi, takin' tips and gettin' stoned

I got into town a little early
Had eight hours to kill before the show
First I thought about heading up north of the bay
Then I knew where I had to go

I thought about taking a limousine
Or at least a fancy car
But I ended up taking a taxi
'Cause that's how I got this far

You see, ten years ago it was the front seat
Drivin' stoned and feelin' no pain
Now here I am straight and sittin' in the back
Hitting Sixteen Parkside Lane

The driveway was the same as I remembered
And a butler came and answered the door
He just shook his head when I asked for her
And said: She doesn't live here anymore

But he offered to give me the address
That they were forwarding her letters to
I just took it and returned to the cabbie
And said: I got one more fare for you

And so we rolled back into the city
Up to a five store old brownstone
I rang the bell that had her name on the mailbox
The buzzer said somebody's home

And the look on her face as she opened the door
Was like an old joke told by a friend
It'd taken ten more years but she'd found her smile
And I watched the corners start to bend

And she said: How are you Harry?
Haven't we played this scene before?
I said: It's so good to see you, Sue
Had to play it out just once more
Play it out just once more

She said: I've heard you flying high on my radio
I answered: It's not all it seems
That's when she laughed and she said: It's better sometimes
When we don't get to touch our dreams

That's when I ask her where was that actress
She said that was somebody else
And then I ask her why she look so happy now
She said: I finaly like myself. At last I like myself

So we talk all through that afternoon
Talking 'bout where we being
We talk of the tiny difference between

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