Take Yo Man

City Girls

It's the City Girls, and you know we'll out fuck you
So get out my face, before I touch you
Hoe, don't you know? Can't you understand?
If you fuck with me, I'll take your man
Bitch, you know I'll take your man hoe
Don't play with me, oh that's your man?
I'll take your man, now he mines
Haha, yeah hoe
Let me tell you 'bout this hater from around my hood
Kept trying a bitch like my pussy ain't good
See this bitch ain't like me and I don't know why
But I'ma give her a reason when I take her guy
You don't want smoke baby, please believe me
'Cause I'm that bitch, and your nigga looking easy
Touch me, taste me, fuck me, squeeze me
Once he do that, he'll never leave me
Fuck you and the rest of your crew
'Cause I'll take your nigga and I'll keep mine to
If you wanna fight, I'm with that to
Bitch I'm from the hood, lace up your shoes
Bitch you too slow, can't keep up, I took him, you see us
Pussy whip, he too stuck, you lost him, that's your luck
So the next time you decide to start some shit
Old broke down, jealous bitch
I'll take your man
Damn right, shit, you know I will
Bitch, that'll be my man
I'll take your man
That's my dick, haha
Dead ass though
Yeah, when I walked in the door, I bend for the attention
The niggas with the sweating and the hoes with the whispering
That's Yung Miami and she signed to QC
How the fuck she got a deal, and she been rapping 'bout a week? Uh
She probably suck P dick, or let Coast fuck, nah hoe I'm a G bitch
Straight from out the bottom
And I'll beat a bitch ass, if a hoe got a problem
Pussy hoe where your man at?
So I can fuck him in his mouth, in your house where he laying at
On Instagram looking for a flaw, on or offline, pussy hoe on raw
I get if from my mammy, and I know how to handle it
305, from Miami, how you mad when you had your chance?
Y'all hoes better stop playing
I'll take your man
Bitch, don't play with me
Oh that's your man? I'll take your man
Now he mines, haha
Yeah, hoe
I'll take your man
Fuck you
F-fuck-fuck you
Fuck you, j-j-jealous bitch
I'll take your man
Fuck you
Tha-tha-that's my dick
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