This Is For Rachel

City Girls

This is for Rachel, you big fat, white nasty, smelling fat bitch
Why you took me off the motherfuking schedule
With your trifling dirty white racist ass big fat bitch
And maluma body ass bitch
I'm coming up there and I'm going to beat the fuck
Out of you bitching don't even call the police today
Cause I'm gonna up there unexpected and wait on your motherfucking
Ass bitch I'm coming to beat the fuck out of you bitch cause you did
That on purpose with your aundry racist white ass thin haired bitch
Watch I'm coming up there to fuck you up bitch I'm telling you
Watch I know it kind of car you drive and I'm gonna wait on you and
I'm going to beat your ass bitch cause imma show you not to play with
Jasmine Collins money bitch that's the first thing you did…
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