Paranormal In The West Country

Cope Julian

I packed my bags + I left the town
I took my money put a payment down
A little house is a country seat
They say that country life is hard to beat.

I'm way out west and now there is not doubt
In city life there is no way out
There's no horizon and there is no Moon
Could be November but it might be June

Paranormal in the West Country
'Cause paralyzed is not easy to be
I feel the power of a mystery
Paranormal the West Country

Get away from the government
Get away form the scrum
Get away from the in-bred Fuckingham Palace Scum

ii) Archdrude's Roadtrip

Driving on the fast side of slow
It's so annoying for the other guy
Driving on the fast side of slow
Speeding up to 45 then slowing down
Braking for no reason at all
When the sign reads "30," drive at 25,
Sunday driving 7 days a week, oh no,
And driving on the fast side of slow.

Boy, you've got a nerve commin' here
You sing of Auto'GEDDON but you drive a car
Like a cheap new age cavalier
You should be more like Merlin + walk everywhere

I can't live in sin at all
I can't live after the fall
Cause I don't believe at all
But I do believe a call

There's a thousand things in my life that I'm trying to do
They involve a lot of friction, they involve a lot of you
But I want to huggy up to her,
And smell her Mother breath
Cause I love my live, love my life
I love it to death.

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