Cope Julian

I hold on to beauty
If I lose my grip
I might fall
Won't you understand I didn't
Clean out my mind
Now witless is everyones goal

But one of my senses
Left in the night
And someone had painted
"Hope" on my shoulder
The panic I kept
On a shelf out of sight
Now, I'm not siding with you
But there's not much I can do

Don't look to hard
You might find me
Curled up asleep on my floor
Oh, I must have been murdered
During the night
Someone painted around me at dawn

But when it comes times
To reach out and give
I may be a corpse,
But I know what I'm giving
So don't over-reach yourself
Unless you're prepared to fall
Down a mountainside of anger
Smear that stuff all over your face

But through the confusion
I see you
Practicing hard at your faith
Oh your uniform's muddy
But still I can see
The arrangement of stars underneath

But one of these two
Is not on my list
We can't expect to explore
Without explosion
All my ideals were
Destroyed in the flood
And what use where they anyway?
And when the mute get lucid, pray

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