Don't Call Me Mark Chapman

Cope Julian

No shit, sherlock
The gun is loaded + primed
No shit, sherlock
I've had enough of your lies
I spent enough time
Without making a blunder
And i'll do it again 'till she dies

No shit, sherlock
It's all going off in his hands
A deadly assassin, yeah
What will his money buy now?

Don't call me mark chapman
'cause they deserve each other
And i'll do it again 'till she dies

All night barry manilow playing loud over the speaker system.
Just trying to drive the fucker out.
A waste of time - a man committed a mind resolved
All night barry manilow - mandy... copa cobana
Just trying to drive the fucker out...

And as the sun does rise and will every morning, so this morning does this man
Know that he must leave this festered ratmosphere.
He does not look back a the 2 bodies, no.
There is grace where before there was only malignant anger,
And there is dignity in his new up-right stride...
And with longing in his longitude
And with attitude in his latitude, the once little man leaves the chrome condo
Carbuncle + faces up to the arresting officer,
Does not swerve in his arrival though 130 police automatics point directly at h
Is head...
And with a tacky sense of humour,
But with a true sense of the moment, says;

"don't call me mark chapman... 'cause they deserve each other
Don't call me sirhan sirhan... 'cause they ain't duran duran
And i'll do it again 'till she dies."

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