Top Of The Hill

Craig David

There was a boy
He lived
In a big white house
And he was quite
Happy there
He knew the dog
And the cats
And his brother
And the maid
That was there all day
Does anyone know

Does anyone know
That there's
Cause for it
Ways forward
Don't give up
'Cause this is
Worth fighting for
So come on, rise up
Tell everyone
From the top of the hill
To the ghetto

There was a girl
She showed him
How to kiss
And she was quite
Ggood at kissing
She lived on her own
In a rundown
One bed flat
Her dad left to fight
Not for her
Does anyone know


Where have all
The teachers gone
The ones
That taught us
Rright from wrong
Come on
Come on, come on
Tell me
What is going on
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
Does anyone know


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