Do You Believe In Love

Craig David

Mmmmm… no ohhh….Ah yeah….
Just one day if I could hold you in my arms
Close to my heart where you belong
Love of my life you really are still be showering you
with kisses like snow in winter.
Remember back in the day we were like best of friends.
But we were falling in love we never could pretend
Night after night we used to talk about me and you
The things we'd do together, forever….

Do you believe in love?
And the promise that it brings
That you'll never grow apart
Well that's what she said to me
Why did you have to go?
We were inseparable
You and me will always be together for eternity.

Just one day, if I could touch your face again
Words can't describe how I'm feeling
If I could turn back the hands of time
I'd still be holding on wishes that you left behind
Remember, moments when there was nothing better than
A stroll in the park walking hand in hand
I'll never forget the times we talked about me and you
The things we do together, forever…


The words you said to me before you slipped away
Are still with me girl, to his very day yeah
In everything I do to everything I say
You'll always be the sunshine in my live
And yes I believe in love…

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