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Take 'em off

Craig David

I'm not usually the type to speak my mind
Might be rude of me, but you're so damn fine
What you do to me,
Got me feelin' kinda cracy
(Baby let's get to it right now)
Would it bother you if we go to my room?
There's a couple things that I gots to show you
Cos' I'm not tryna rush you but there's one thing wrong
Right now you've got too many clothes on
On ho…..

Girls them jeans that you're wearing, just take 'em off
And that shirt that you came in, jus take it off
Don't be mad if I'm staring
Just take it off baby
Tear them sheets off the bed, cos' we 'bout to go ahead and take 'em off
But girl them heels look so right, so just leave 'em on
Ain't no clothes allowed here,
So baby girl just take 'em off

Baby just wait a minute let's just slow this down
We can relax babe and you can let your hair down
You ain't gotta worry 'cos I ain't tryna hurry
I'm a take some time and get this right baby
Let me unplug the phone so, we can be all alone
Let me turn down the lights 'cos baby tonight it's on
I'm a put on some music all of out favourite songs
Baby come on, lets do this
And let's get it on….

(Girl) Girl I will do anything it takes to make it special,
Maybe I could taste your love and I know you'd like me to
(You'd like me to girl)
'cos I've never had a girl before I could trust like you
And I've never had a love before who was down to get undressed like you
(Girl it's so hard)
And I can't resist the way you slide them jeans over you hips
I can't stop can't control myself from laying my hand all up on your shh….
(Girl) you almost there now, that's your last pair now
So go 'head take 'em off baby, take 'em off baby…
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