Fantastic Justice

Crippled Black Phoenix

I had a terrible vision on the last night. I realised before we can approach we must separate. No system brings me down, so I won't let this be.
As I sneak over in case our fires collide, medications for old and for wise.
Though I trusted her before, now I sigh at the logic, it sways from the left to the right.
Then your mother comes over, improving her pace, as she's sinking her nails in a different face. And my brother was never afraid of the cold when his liver it failed at just nineteen years old.

If you give me more time, I won't make you be dead, and I'll look to the side when you're walking ahead.
I dare you one more time, try and fall in my way. With your whispers and secret and lies, it is her you betray.
The justice will be so fantastic, crow's leaving. The Shitehawks will fall when their tails are re-feathered with lead.

Truth's the first virtue in systems. Justice is trickery in my head. A terrible past situation I never took heed of your leading mind.
Holler more! We shriek for the for the fights tonight. How we shriek for the for the fights
My head's seeing signs in your movements, like my eyes are an all seeing ocean.
Distributive restorative enemies welcome in all the movements we need to breath. All the visions on our last night never appeared till you spoke all your fears. I'm struggling to see, and the crow is a fake. I'm hoping to change but you're walking away. Throw the coals to the fire so the levee may break, dams will be busted so Justice will finally be made.

Crow's private flight maps my leanings in life, and I love that bird more than it knows.
Crow's private flight holds some inside its sights, and they hate that bird more than it knows.
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