Laying Traps

Crippled Black Phoenix

We'll never bow, no compromise
Come test me, feel my scorn
I'll be coming back to haunt you when I'm gone
Behold me!
We're laying traps back down
Pray do watch us stand our ground
As we're subversively misleading you out to sea

The sound of poison has gone off
Our traps aren't malleable, beware!
No dogma or deterrent can dissuade us from our torment path
Said path has run nigh on eight years
Dark skills in trade, we hone and sharpen arrow blade
The trap is laid
While we await and wait and wait

When we return at break of day
We light first match, then start our way
Dictate us not
Dictate us not
The kill is near
The kill is near

We reached the snares 'afore midday
The crusted blood marks future ways
The kill is scored
The kill is scored
Hoorah, hooray
Hoorah, hooray
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