Release The Clowns

Crippled Black Phoenix

The devils for raging and roaring away,
I've got laws in mind and friends in spades.
Not many have come.
I'll head off the parade.
I'm loaded.
Let's chew gore.
I'll make it someday.
An arms call for brothers annihilate the siats, the nonsense is coming, i'm calling.
"be brave, come out. stand ground."

Gather your belongings cos the revolution's coming.
A savage bunch of infidels will take over the running...
Of the country, you cannot let them win
But they're standing on your doorstep and you're gonna let them in.
Roll over, roll up
Roll over, roll up

The hopi have shown me where the dark lines are traced.
Their nightmares are leaking all over this town.
We're losing our rights.
We must graft for a holding.

Apathetic men awake to some nightmare unfolding.
Don't complain.
Cut and fight.
For until battle comes, we're the slaves to a beat of an unchallenged drum.
Stand ground.
Rally round.

Bring out your dead and suffer your incompetence
The rats have taken over and are ruling your constituent
You could've joined in when the circus came to town
But the city's aching belly's decorated with a frown
Roll over, roll up
Roll over, roll up
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