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Da T.R.U.T.H.

Where would i be (where would i be if he hadn't died for me)
Would i be
Would i be (and if he never gave his life for me )
I would be (lost)
You would be (lost)
We would be (lost)
This world would be so lost
What if there was no emmission of sin
You got what you deserved by what you put in
You would be (lost)
We would be (lost)
This world would be so (lost)

I'm so glad that He's coming
Thank God He planned this production
Abandoned granger in heaven
To plan Him something to stomach
He could have come and just made a man surpass judgements
Instead He came to the earth kept Him own commands and instructions
He worked with daddy, He helped with family and loved ones
He played in sand with his cousins
He prayed with granny and mother
No temper tantrums in public
Grew in stature and muscle
In favour with God image
Which I gave a grand introduction


I wish I had a camera or something
The atmosphere man it's buzzin about
Jesus the rock upon which you stand and you stumble
You catch the pass and you fumble
Some hate Him man and some love Him
No majesty rather humble
Some clap and some cursing from hope
Sand and to crush Him
He had to stand before judges abandoned by his disciples
When they slammed Him and cuffed Him
And they landed them punches
Staggering like a trumpet
Lashing Him on the back man they could've smashed Him like roaches
In this humanity of course He's attracted to comfort
Before the joy that's before Him endured the passion of suffering
Hanging up on that cross
This wasn't random or sudden
You know what ran through my thoughts
The day that Adam was covered
With the skins of an animal and when the lambs were cut up
Pass over and the brown serpent
These were the shadows of substance was He
Who pour our sins on the Father's wrath and justice He died
Then I saw Him sit up man like some abs and some crunches He's God


Now take the moment and
Think about what I saw
Think about what it cost
Think of the word he crossed
Without it I would be lost
You would be without hope
And together we would be tossed
Back and forth everything that we gain would really be lost
Thank God for the cross
Saved me and made me holy
But it wasnt it parts Jesus redeemed to hold me
Mind body and soul me
Had to redeem me socially
Cause he knew that we openly
Talk to eachother vocally
And redeemed me emotionally
Cause He knows that we're prone to be
Flying off the handle, we be loosing control of, He
Redeemed us physically so if we go on sick leave
We could cry out to Jesus and He could keep up from 6 feet
But if He doesn't we trust Him, may not get it
We bless and we cannot judge Him
He's got much better judgement than us
Redeemed us spiritually, raised us up from the dead
Now i'm alive and it's clear to see from the blood that was shead

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