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Da T.R.U.T.H.

I know this may be sticky topic for some people, but
This has been something that's been plaguing the body of christ for years
And I just think it really needs to be addressed
You know, I just like to talk about it, and I just wanna
I wanna talk about it, all I'm a say is

Stay away from them fly girls
Shorts up to their girls
Lookin like cowgirls
Makin your eyes twirl
I know their lips drip like honey, but they're promiscuous
I recommend you keep you ears from their vicious lips
To my sisters stay away from them fly misters
Don't be deceived by the way they got riches
God's richer, god's richer
I know sex seems like a big deal, but god's bigger god's bigger

[Verse 1:]
Sex is alright in god's sight
As long as the two are married not prom night
See the world got sex up in a limelight
Claiming that you can't survive without
But that's a lie right
Well of course it is
Sex will put you in a spiritual orphanage
That's unfortunate changing in your life like a metamorphosis
Deeper than explorers get, but the deeper you get the more you slip
Come on you can be honest
Sex is addictive like narcotics
But it leaves you broke like ebonics, read phonics
It's demonic relative to the exotic
Relentless flesh that won't rest till erotic
Faults are established, sex before marriage causes emotional damage
You better believe it duke
Cause sex is lust of the flesh and lust of the eyes
"You don't understand, man I love this girl, " you can't justify
Try to justify lust with love is just a lie
You better trust the word of god, it's either trust or die
The bible informs the nation to flee from fornication
Plus to abstain from them sexual conversations, masturbation, pornographic stations
Stop shopping in condom nation
But rather bless who conquers nations
Despite the fact that sex is popular throughout your population
I recommend, get a lock for your chastity belt
And tell no one the combination, until marriage takes place
"That's weak why not? "
You know that haste makes waste to sex before marriage
Makes the body impure
With kissing and grinding you neva know what you're in for
Or what's in store
I implore you brothers to endure the temptation of sexual sin
Whether it be hetero or homosexual sin
"That's real"
The flesh battles against the spirit, we're in war zone
The question is who wins the spirit or our hormones
More prone to follow the flesh, cause it's convenient
Streaming throughout the pours of the body steaming
Son listen up, listen up for lust to be risen up
Put on your whole armor just to guard you mind up
Whole every thought captive to christ
Lest you wind up with an unnecessary pain plus drama
But if you stand firm and exercise your faith doing what he's fond of
God's prima, sister you can't be broke up
I recommend you flee from lust
But son don't choke up


[Verse 2:]
(Step 1) when you see a shorty don't try to act fly
Turn on your cat eyes and stare hard at her backside
"That's weak all men look, so why can't I? "
Cause it stirs lust in your heart dude that's why
Besides are you just a man of a man that god's analyze
Control them eyes when she's passing by
(Step 2) avoid late late rendezvous
You know when you're watching a movie
But then the movie is watching you
"But what else do we got to do? "
Anything other than cuddling on mom's do's couch for 2
(Step 3) watch how you display affection
Hands moving up her thigh to her mid section
Next you're giving each other body inspection
Till you're digging in your pocket looking for protection
(Step 4) avoid watching movies full of nudity
Cause the more you see the more it tears down your spiritual immunity
The same goes for rap and r&b
I know it's hard to see
But their lyrics are not in harmony with god's views
Take heed to this god's news
You've got everything to gain and nothing to lose
You've got everything to gain and nothing to lose
Take heed to god's news

[Hook x2]

Stay pure before the lord [x4]

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