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Trumpet Blow

Da T.R.U.T.H.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yup
Here we go ya'll
He came from heaven to earth
Earth to the grave
Grave to the sky
He waved a goodbye
From the mount of olives
They gazed in the sky
Endowed with power so when their facing their trials
They would not cower
Not faint
Not bow
Or doubt faith?
Be his mouth piece even when under attack
And dude outreach Cuz' Jesus is coming ba back

Yea you see dat lightning flash
You hear dat thunder roll
Can't wait till Christ is back
This song should comfort those.
Who walk the righteous path,
Who had a love for those
The saints in Christ relax when dat Trumpet blows.
When dat Trumpet blows yea, when dat Trumpet blows, when dat Trumpet blows, yea when dat trumpet blows, when dat Trumpet blows yea, when dat Trumpet blows.
The Saints in Christ relax when dat trumpet blows.

First is the visitation can't be cavalier
Then it's the tribulation trouble and despair
Don't underestimate this there're several layers
The great tribulation goes on for 7 years
The first half is cool, prophetic cheers
The second half is cruel, sadness and tears
Armageddon man all of heaven is gathered there
Christ on his white horse and his battle gear
Against the anti-Christ he's an imposter
Fresh on the scene, to seize and to prosper
Then he'll turn his back confine to the peace of the prophet
Satan is chained by the Angels with keys that'll Lock it
Yea everything'll change peace in every burrow
The final link of chain
In pristine apparel
You the king'll reign.
And take over the world like Pinky and the Brain.


He'll rule for a thousand years
Rule the entire sphere.
He can do it alone, rule solitaire.
But instead of Christ to pull on the father's heirs
We'll help like a group like volunteers (yeah)
To forward his will and keep it at the center like Boozer and Dalembert
Yea since the curse has been removed
The anti-Christ is being few and the feud is outta here
For a thousand years, what a pivotal stage
Everything will fall under his visible reign
No flaws, no flaws on our physical frames
Everything will be back to original state
Peace will prevail between man and God
Between man and beast.
Until Abbadon will bring dark to the light like a tanning salon
And try to overthrow Christ one last time
But he will not win
No he will lose
Christ will drop him
Then He'll reboot the Heavens and the Earth
Everything's new
The cities walls and gold streets will be see-thru
A tree of healing for the nations
We will eat the fruit
No sun no stars in the green room
Just the glory of God and his people
No pain, no sorrow, no evil.
No death no tomorrow no predude.
No shame. No water. No seas blue.
Dear LORD I wonder when I see You, but I can't wait and I pray that it'll be soon!

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