Magical Man


A wish of a broken heart
Fog on the sea
Wistful waiting for the time
Fear arises in me
Can't wait until the end is coming
To say good bye
Close the magic circle
To say good bye

Disasters begin I'm a magical man
Hold the key in my hand
Deep blue something in my eyes
You feel hypnotized
Run if you can

Searching for a reason
Intrude into another world

I'm a man. I'm a magical man
Run if you can cause
I'm a magical man
I keep a promise inside of me
That I'll find to the edge of the world
Don't need to believe in prophecies
Follow my vestige, neither could help you mys on

Follow me into the future
I'm on the trip to nowhere
Want to escape from the abyss of hell

Watch out, out of your window
Can you see me, realize
It's just a dream that's my surprise

I'm sinister, sinister
Like a dangerous twister
The magical man of your dreams
A dark bloody nightmare
The trip to nowhere
It's not, it's not as it seems
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