Hope Is A Frame


Preparing for the last night
Is there anything true in my life
Emphasizing to be strong
Stand up serious oh so long
Don't find the way out of the darkness
Into a world with a holy light
The innocence is over
See a faceless world inside

Born to live means born to die
Living in a world of destruction and lies
Like a raging tornado in mind
That sometimes enfolds, you deny it

Hope is a frame
Interrupts the circle of shame
Can't resist not exist
Everytime it is as it is

Some tears flow down the sea
Turn to ice and disturb me
Reckless and sick, tyrannize thoughts
Experience explode - the gun is loaded

The gun is loaded
The gun is loaded

Always on the run
Between darkness, moon and sun
That's not the place to be
The hope will follow me
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