A heroic stand of a serious man
Ambition signs his face
Out of control not the body, the soul
Facedown in the dirt when a combat is lost
Stand up and be a man, let your guard down
Honest as long as you can

Take the sceptre now and tumble
The throne is much too high
Slowly go downstairs, give it another try
When preachers don't reach us, there is no time to cry
The stars are all for us Sagittarius

Take a look at the sky, deep
Blue and dry the zodiacs turn up for a while
Valour is a mark, it shivers you in the park
Ansent minded - be so blind
It feels like something in my veins
Sagittarius appears for pleasure and pain

Superstitious or not, the stars keep the secrets in front of us
Superstitious or not it's your turn to believe

The stars are all for us Sagittarius
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