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Smokers Reflect


The two black spots in your left eye
From staring at the sun
They follow everywhere you look
Like a crosshair on a gun

You're lighting one more cigarette
The last one of the pack
Reflecting on your life a bit
But it ain't reflecting back

Oh you should be, should be doing this (X2)
With somebody you love

Scanning purple sunrise
Before you crawl to bed
And hearing Leonard Cohen sigh
Is as deep as it will get

The future is like burning time
The past abiding steam
And the woman that is here tonight
Is a stranger with a dream


Oh you're oversimplifying
So often you have pushed away
Until a lonely spring
Comes tell you certain things

There is no use in denying
It's so true what they say
That when the tide is high
You'll jump and frolic and then you'll dive
Until it pulls away

Now everyone's at war
It seems you need a mini truce
And a screw to fix the mantelpiece
Cause it's still hanging loose

The last thought of the morning
As the crimson turns to grey
You put yourself on warning
Like you're doing every day


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