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Popular Culture


Let me tell you a thing
On popular culture
American swing
The British add sulphur
I'll buy you a beer
If you can compete from here,oooohhhh

They throw you a line
Let me see it you catch it
And they'll give you some time, sure
If you got something to match it
Just as long as you know
Who is running that show, oooohhhh

And I was thinking "well, hey!
I'm gonna throw it away
Throwing out my popular culture
Cause now you know it's not great
If you don't come from the States
You will always be late to be in popular culture
From western slang
To showbiz spells
You'd almost think
There's nothing else"

Can you give me the news
On the romantic actor
No, I don't really care but his blues
Is for me a distractor
Through his eyes I can see
What is wrong with me,oooooh…


And I was thinking, well hey
Well what the hell is my place
If someone else will dictate
My singular culture
Cause everybody's a star
And if you don't think too far
You can define who you are
Through popular culture

It's like you're not really seen
Without a fashionable spleen
That is so much alike the ones
Your heroes suffered
And so you gotta be strong
You've got to just speak in tongues
About how you belong
In popular culture

I think I put a spell
Tell her I think it echoes on the floor

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