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Oh Your God


Went down for an ashtray, came back up with a hammer
It's hard to concentrate when no one you know
Is in the know

Yeah scientists they do insist
My friends, man, they're all depressed
As I'm trying to get to the gist
And into the aftershow

So I rattle on a little while
Find a principle for my style
Any number I'm gonna dial
I know someone will accommodate

I spoke too much, I wanna fight
Repeat the same shit I said last night
Did 34 push-ups
Should have done 68!

I believe in anything
As long as it just has that ring
Of truth and I can lay down my head
Cause I seen so many people lost
I still believe at any cost
That we must have been misled
(Oh your God!)

So it tragedy would make you feel
You need a divine drug to heal
And a better god, cuts a better deal,
That's what you got

See I'm stuck in this ungodly game
And I only have myself to blame
In the name of the father, in the name of fame,
In the name of what?

In the name of something bigger
Your god can only snigger
And the sight of all this rigour
With sex the only trigger
For love… or was it the other way round?

Cause it's only beauty that makes me sweat
And to me it seems the best bet yet,
In your head or in your bed
That's my hallowed ground


(Who looks… over my shoulder?)

It's in everything true
Hell it's in me and you
Like a second or two you believe

It don't come from above
This concentration and love
You gotta believe it to see

(Oh your God!)
(Who looks... over my shoulder?)

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