Set me free, leave me

(You are always my time)
Often if feels like bad fate comes
(Leave and don't come back)
Sadness, my love you made me old
(You are always my time)
You came and went so easily
(Leave and don't come back)
You used me as a toy of love

And if you look for me again I'll see your pale face
You say let's start again
But that confession is a waste of my time
I know I can't forgive you easily

I can't turn back around again

(Until now I) I tried to forget you
Countless nights I felt like I had lost everything
(Hold me one more time) I won't let you see me

*(Set me free) Please disappear
Let fate decide the future of our love
(Leave me) I didn't know you weren't meant to stay with me forever*

Leave me and don't turn back, don't come back to me
If I can just forget you my heart needs to be alone
Now cut the ties that tied us together and release me
Don't leave it another day, do it now
Please just leave me

It feels like a long time since your lies kept me up
It doesn't seem possible, but I don't like you
And I long for some time to be alone

(I can't cope either) I set you free
But you still have a grip on my heart
(If I can't forget you) I'll just hate you more

* Repeat

**(Set me free) You and me were joined together
This love wasn't meant to last for a long time
Please let go of my hand**

Now don't look for me
Don't come to me another time
It is over, it couldn't be

** Repeat

Don't try to get to know me any more
My feelings for you are completely over
Now please go
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