Forged In Blood


Now if we've chosen lies
We've choosing fears
We've choosing fake
The path's clear

They want to fight
They want our tears
They spread the night
Warm blood is near

Brave army, desperate eyes
Steady arms, fear inside
Blind actions, uncertain fate
There's no return
There's no escape

Warm forbiden
Come with guilty
Now we're slaying
Down in their souls

Brave heart, hungry inside
False hopes, leaves behind
Poor minds, degradation
There's no more love,
There's no more nation

Kill or be killed
Fear turning into hate
Pull the trigger
War has just began
Show no mercy
Your life is in a ledge
They will find it

Burning souls
In the battlefield
Forging heroes
And destroying dreams
On the edge of
Sanity they lie

Pure glory
Awaits near to grasp
Enemy fires
Friendly deaths
Devouring minds
Insanity comes

Maind land,
Rips apart
Low hunters
In your mind
Fall out,
One more body down
There's no more
Trust in here
Going to kill
One thousand bodies down
Going to rape
Your blood

Die, cry, ie
Bite, run, fight
Forged in blood
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