Age Of Death


A world drowned
In darkness, misery
A man decides to be the one
To bring chaos to the weak
Enthroning the chosen
Progress the entire nation
Let the pain behind
Will let they bleed
They didn't see

The age of death begun,
Third empire reigns
Final solution
Is about to come
First working like a slave
Arbeit macht frei
Workshop to kill
Leading his own people
To the hall of death
Banality of evil
Watch the sea of blood

In the fields striking
Rising among the corpses
Panzer is out there
Making fear increases

Won't let they bleed
Sink on your own blodshed

Trapped! I've been found
Trapped! I hear one sound
Achtung! Yell the krauts
Jawohl! I must get out

Ziklon b is the answer
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