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    E-Thugs - And He Kept On Whistling

  2. 2

    E-Thugs - Good Friends

  3. 3

    E-Thugs - I Love You So

  4. 4

    E-Thugs - International Anti-boredom Front

  5. 5

    E-Thugs - Our Anthem

  6. 6

    E-Thugs - Paranoia

  7. 7

    E-Thugs - Power Race

  8. 8

    E-Thugs - Stop the War

  9. 9

    E-Thugs - The Backyard

  10. 10

    E-Thugs - Thugs Aware

  11. 11

    E-Thugs - Welcome to the Club

Power Race


So You're Rushing All Around,
Making Your Way to the Top.
But You'd Better Count Me Out,
I'm Not Running Anymore.
Power Race,
Is Gonna Break Your Heart
Power Race,
Is Gonna Ruin Your Life
So Thaat's the World You've Built,
Or Let the Others Build For You.
Though I Feel Sorry For You,
I Don't Trust You Anymore.
Power Lies,
Are Gonna Breaak Your Heart
Power Lies,
Are Gonna Chain Your Life
Power Lies,
Are Gonna Rule the World
Lonely Life,
Is Gonna Freeze Your Heart
Lonely Life,
Is Gonna Drive You Mad
Power Greed,
Is Gonna Rule Your Life
Power Greed,
Is Gonna Rule the World
Power Race,
Is Gonna Slave Your Heart

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