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    E-Thugs - And He Kept On Whistling

  2. 2

    E-Thugs - Good Friends

  3. 3

    E-Thugs - I Love You So

  4. 4

    E-Thugs - International Anti-boredom Front

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    E-Thugs - Our Anthem

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    E-Thugs - Paranoia

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    E-Thugs - Power Race

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    E-Thugs - Stop the War

  9. 9

    E-Thugs - The Backyard

  10. 10

    E-Thugs - Thugs Aware

  11. 11

    E-Thugs - Welcome to the Club

Stop the War


Well I Am Bored of Hearing You
Shouting, Screaming All the Time.
Your Do Or Die State of Mind
It Just Makes You Go So Blind,
Fighting All the Time
Loosing Everytime.
Stop the War,
Let Cease Fire Now.
War Never Brings no Good,
You're Right I Give Up,
Stop the Daily War
And Hope the Others Will Do
Just the Same.
Well I Am Tired of Seeing You,
When You're Just Following the Pack,
And Try to Save Your Little Self
Not Minding Anybody Else;
Cheating All the Time
Getting Fucked Everytime
Well I Am Sad of Watching You
Cause You're Wasting All Your Time,
Banging Your Head Against the Walls
And Then Go Crying When It Hurts.
Making All the Time,
The Same Mistakes in Fact

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