Cry To Heaven

Elton John

I found a black beret
On the street today
It was lying in the gutter all torn
There's a white flag flying
On a tall building
But the kids just watch the storm

Their dirty faces
Pressed on the windows
Shattered glass before their eyes
There's a mad dog barking
In a burned out subway
Where the sniper sleeps at night

No birthday songs to sing again
Just bricks and stones to give them
Wrap them up in your father's flags
And let them cry to heaven

There are many graves
By a cold lake
As the beds were when your babies are born
And your rag doll sits
With a permanent grin
But the kids just watch the storm

I saw a black cat
Tease a white mouse
Until he killed it with his claws
Seems a lot of countries
Do the same thing
Before they go to war
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