I Want More

Elton John

Don't chastize me, I'm a child acting as a child does
You blind me with lifeless dolls when what I want is blood
You took me from the streets to complete this union
Do you expect some little saint kneeling for communion
I want more, I want more
Look at you, you disapprove like two fussy mothers
Who are you to criticize the habits of another
Did I rock the family boat by dining on the help
Aren't I just the little beast, well I can't stop myself
I want more, I want more, I want more
I want more, I want more
I dont want their milk and honey, they can keep those finer ___
I don't need their chocolate hot and sweet, it's thick and red for me
For everyone that comes along knocking on this door
Don't blame me, it's your fault that I want more
Look at me, I'm so sweet, I'm innocent and charming
But all you see is some spoiled brat, a child so demanding
Don't fuss so, you both know the rapture of the bite
Is not monstrous, it's just glorious, healthy appetite
And I want more, I want more
Should I be the little miss, and while away the hours
I think not, I'd rather hunt than cut up paper flowers
Thanks to you, things I do verge on the obscene
What a pair of hippocrites, well this cat wants her cream
I want more, I want more, I want more
I want more, I want more
I wander through the streets at night and find a charming couple
Who fear that such an angel lost could find herself in trouble
They can't resist my trembling lip, my eyes so filled with tears
They rest my head upon their necks... aaah, oh dear
More, I want more, I want more
[repeat chorus]
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