In The Hands Of Angels

Elton John

Well I could have been sick, I could have died
I could have given up and not tried
To make it to tomorrow
Like a broken hearted lover
But there was a brand new start
And suddenly I was taken
New and faraway places
And the music I was shaken
It was a whole new race
When I woke on that first day
There was nothing I could say
I was in the hands of angels
Johnny and the governor
Came and brought me to my senses
They made me feel just like a king
Made me lose all my bad defenses
And they knew all the places I needed to go
All of the people I needed to know
They knew who I needed and who needed me
And who would come help me
And who would just let me be
I was in the hands of angels
Until this very day
Inside the hands of angels
What more can I say
When you're in the hands of angels
Life is oh so sweet
And you feel the love down deep inside
Even out there on the street
In the hands of angels
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