Watching The Planes Go By

Elton John

Look up in the sky
There's a speck that's flying by
Red lights and I don't know why
Seems that I spend most of my time
Watching the planes go by
The windows open, the curtains blow
Round my room where the lights are low
I stand in darkness and watch the stars
Wondering just how far you are from me

I'm out here
You're somewhere
Somewhere out there
Too far from me
And I want it to be
Like it was when the summer was here
Instead of just sitting here
Watching the planes go by

The street lamp look lonely
I wonder, I wonder if it feels like me
With no one to love him
And no one to talk to
When she's out there moving
Without thinking 'bout me

Come back, baby, come back
Let me pray that one day
That those planes in the sky
Will be bringing you back home to me
Back to me
Oh, I feed you back home with me
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