Fragile House Of Cards

Glory of This

Something's different about me I'm not the same I was before.
I noticed the picture frames all facing down as I made my way out that door.
Maybe we could sit and talk about this after awhile
But no matter where we think things will end we won't know where to start.

If just for tonight
We can set aside
What I feel
Will I feel this way for you

You wonder why I don't answer when you call
You're free to abuse who you want so have a ball
This time I won't give into you
The last time I tried you weren't who I knew

Reminiscing about the things that we used to say
Brings up the memories that I tried to throw away
Nothing seems to change in time its worth my while to know
That you're moving on without me although my knuckles never show
Eventually we'll have our lives to sit and contemplate
If we made the right decision but for now lets wait
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