Circle Yes or No

Glory of This

Dont give up on me now, You're probably the only one in the world who would understand.
Seems to be that you're the only one who won't hear me, do you hear me at all.

I cut paper hearts in anger just to hope you'll see me buried alive.
We don't know better, holding hands... what have we gotten ourselves into.

Why settle for less, when you could have the best.

It's good to know, that we want the same things, for the time being
For time to stand still, and me to never leave, its not so easy

When you could have the best in life, although we're immature. I could walk you home, one day it'll mean a lot to you!

Will you be mine are the words that I've been living by, I know I met you just today but you're still inside my mind.
But when the day is over will it all remain the same, or do you even know my name, do you even know my name!
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