Flip For It

Glory of This

It's 12:45 a.m. don't get your hopes up,
It's not what we wished for, I wouldn't expect anything less from you.
You're the first one to call me out on this,
So trusting to watch me drive away!

I'd rather be your angel, than your reason for crying
Better your dream than a reason for dying
I'm trying, The tears between the tile prove otherwise

Call it in the air. both sides of this will start to fair
As each day passes I'm starting to, get better, at keeping up with you
And writing all these letters to you at 12:45 a.m.

The words escape me, my heart is racing,
I'll admit its not the best of times

This avenue explored, I'm just afraid of losing
What I'm used to, I'm so content with what I've got
I hope that when I'm back, I'll be right back with you

Am I your angel, since your not crying
Your in my dream, instead of dying
Write me back, one last time, I won't forget ever
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