Livin' My Life (Remix) (feat. Serge Didenko)


And ya'll know me, ay!
I been workin' so hard just to make these checks
But don't nobody own me, nah
And sold you soul to the devil just to gain respect
But I'm just tryin' to get by, get by
Get by, get by
Get by, get by
Get by, and live my, I'm just living my life
Serge: Yo me and hendersin sippin' on hennessey
Hendersin! Hhe best kind too serge! how ya livin' baby?

Put your middle fingers up
If you don't give a fuck
We gon' have a little fun tonight ni-ni-ni
And keep them fingers up
If you don't give a fuck
Party til' we see the sun tonight ni-ni-ni
Time to take shots, take em' like a body guard
Girl I'm tryin' to cut, tryin' leave your body scared
Went from workin' all day grindin' for the money
To grindin' on the dance floor workin' with a hunny and
We gotta live for the moment
And what we do we know our mommas won't condone it
But we livin' in the moment like the moment was our condo
And I ain't trying to have a convo, because...

This is my
This is my life
It might be wrong, but I'm tryin' get right
Don't worry bout me, you just focus on you
And I'mma just do what I do, heh

Serge didenko:
M-ma-man I'm livin' goody
A 100% every minute I give it I'm thinkin'
Of bringin' it bigger then anything ever
Been given delivered I'm in it to win it I'm
Ready to get up and get it again and again
In the end ill be gettin' the benefit definite
Catchin' my breath is irrelevent
And when I'm rappin', all the magic happen
Cause my studio o's in my bedroom
Groupie groupie hoes hoes wanna get some
D-d doin' shows then its on the next one...yeah...
If you from massachusetts make some noise
W-w where the fuck my ladies at
Where the fuck my ladies at...
Ain't nobody own us, girls all up on us
They wanna bone us, we wanna record deal
With a big bonus, yeahh....
Yo me and hendersin represent mass...

Get by, get by
Get by, get by
Get by, get by
Livin' my life...
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