Watch Me Now (feat. Collin McLoughlin)


No its not a secret, you don't even have to keep it, you can tell em' i'm addicted to the game
I'm just hoping everything is worth it, and my life is picture perfect, ten years later you can catch me in a frame
They say i am colder then some snow, make em get they hands up when they at the show
And i remember last year, i needed change cashier, now theres no telling where this music is gonna go, no
I was destined for greatness, pardon my lateness
This shit is so good even hitler couldn't hate this
Shows,songs and stages is what my life consists of
I ain't gotta explain it, i bet you get this gist of it
They saying give it up but i prefer not
Cause i be shuttin' down shows call me murdoch
They know i'm coming with the cyrkle like trojan
We about to blow up boom explosion

Im on my grind time
I make my own signs
Im in the plane up in the sky im looking down on yall
I got my own way
I make my own pay
I need some medication try and keep me sane
I gotta keep calling, you never know when they'll answer the phone
I got to keep calling, you gotta show you can carry the load, watch me now

Word to kanye cause i want that power
Livin one day at a time man i am jack bauer
I'm not the type to fold won't catch me at the laundry mat
And ya'll don't even have dreams borderline insomniacs
Prolly watching leno, while i grab the instrumental, so its no coincidental
I got bars like a kennel
Never givin back the top spot that shit ain't up for rental
On stations with coverage you ain't got no incidentals
And now they all pay attention got accounts in the negatives
Girls want me in bed like pussy is some sedatives
But were is your incentives
Cause i just wanna fuck you, i just wanna fuck you?, can get a bit repetitive
This is life, this the life that i lead, not the life that i want but the life that i need
Even addicts, even addicts couldn't fuck with this speed
Girls wanna suck seed cuz i'mma succeed
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