We Don't Need


Last night was crazy from what I can recall
Think that I fell in love, talking like a free fall
Heading over hills I had her heels over up to her head
I rolled over next morning I turned over and I said
Baby would you leave with me if I told you that I wanted to rap
And I just wanna know if you will believe in me
Knowing that baby we maybe we can lose it all
Would you feel comfortable with the man you use to call
Tyrone call Hendersin working every hour every second
Every day just so and they will remember him
Everything that he stands for everything he embraces
So if this is the case is um
Baby we don't better judge: no
Just trying to do what never does: so
Lets just let the past be the past
And girl I just really wanna ask

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

I think we should lie here
I ain't talking bluffing
I need you by my side girl
Could you be my selfie cause these girlies they got nothing on you
Strip steeze, and fuck these rats, that just wanna get cheese
I don't give time of day I tell' em get their own clock
And they say that love is key I tell them get their own lock
Cause you got me open wide, and I've been feeling like this way to success
That's the way that we suppose to ride let me know your on board can I tell em
Surfs up yeah they say pain is love I know that its gonna hurt but
We don't need nobody, we just tryin' to get ahead, tour bus, hotel, we just tryin' to get a bed
Everything we've been through everything will go through I ain't talking values
I know that I owe you and I'mma pay you back, when it's all done, I hope grace ain't a place that you fall from

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

I don't quite know (I don't quite know)
How to say (how to say)
How I feel (na I can't do it na I won't do it no, no no)

Those three words (those three words)
Are said too much (are too much)
They're not enough (can't do it na I can't do it)

Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life

Let's waste time (lets waste time)
Chasing cars (chase Cars)
Around our heads (eh eh eh eh eh ehhh, eh eh eh)

I need your grace (I need your grace)
To remind me (read my name)
To find my own (to find my own)
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